Free Vaccination to all Above Age-18: Arvind Kejriwal’s tells the Firms.

New Delhi: 

Delhi will vaccinate all those who are above 18 free of cost, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today. Vaccinations will be open to all adults from Saturday.

“Delhi government has decided to provide free vaccines to everyone above 18 years of age. Today Kejriwal announced that we have given the approval for the purchase of 1.34 crore vaccines.

This will likely be only for Delhi Government-run hospitals. Those going to private hospitals will have to pay for their Covid vaccine as per report.

Mr Kejriwal urged vaccine-makers to bring down the prices for state governments.

“I appeal to vaccine manufacturers to bring down the price to ₹ 150/dose. You have an entire lifetime to earn profits. This is not the time to do that when there is a raging pandemic. I also appeal to the Central government to cap the price (of vaccines) if needed, Mr.Kejriwal said.

“One vaccine producer said that they’ll provide vaccines to the state governments at ₹ 400 a dose and the second producer said that they’ll provide at ₹ 600 a dose. Both of them will keep the price at ₹ 150 a dose for the central government. I hope the prices remain the same for all,” added the Chief Minister.

The makers of both vaccines in use – Covaxin, and Covishield – have announced higher prices for states and private entities than the rates at which the Centre had been buying them so far – ₹ 150.

Serum Institute of India has said it will sell Covishield at ₹ 400 per dose to state governments and at ₹ 600 to private hospitals. Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin will cost states ₹ 600 and private hospitals ₹ 1,200, the company said yesterday.

The Centre insists that it will continue to provide vaccines to states free of cost.

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